Weekly Ads & Sales for Kohls, CVS, Publix, Bestbuy, etc App Reviews

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Does not work if you do not allow it to have access to your location.

Awful!! Missing information. Poor display!

Nice concept but lousy execution. Wouldnt display properly on Air 2. Several stores had no info available. Would have upgraded had it worked, instead I deleted it.


your forgot a store. market Basket

Needs more hardware stores

The app needs more hardware stores like Home Depot, and Ace.

Food Lion where does not exist

Has in Kissimmee, Fl does not exist. Please correct

They can do better??

The app is ok, it needs some improvements a lot of adds from others stores are missing? Its hard to see what deals other stores have if you guys dont up load all the adds from all the stores. It will be nice to see more adds In the app. Dont see a point for up grading to the Pro if lots of info are missing? Also stop adding the add from next weeks when you guys add the next week add it gets confuse thinking it was this week add so pay attention on how you do the add or how you posted I will never post an add that isnt available yet. Me smart cmon if you cant do it dont be on business.

Not bad...

The app is okay. It could use some improvements. About the list of stores I would like to see Sprouts added.

Helps me save money at target and Walmart!

I just moved, and this app helped me find my regular stores in new part of town (target, Macys, meijer and Walmart is where I like to shop). I do wish the shopping list feature was more intuitive - each line item takes way too much space. Not really sure what changed in the new update though

Love accessability!!!

Very nice to be able to check current sales so conveniently!!

What happened to this app???

There is no ability to contact support to report problems. Viewing ads in landscape mode, cuts the ads off at the bottom of the screen. If you select the map option, once the map is displayed, there is no way to cancel/close the map and return to the ads app. When scrolling through ad pages, the action is choppy and sometimes the next ad page doesnt display. Bottom line, junk app. Will be deleting.


This app used to be good but now its crap. Wont load any of my local grocery stores adds.

Sales Ads wont load.

Buggy and in need of overhauling desperately. Sales ads will never load.

What does it do?

It always says it cant determine my location. No way to set my location. All other location using apps I have (lots) can determine my location so dont know what the problem is. All it will let me do is browse Tennessee and a city and it lists all the major stores and there addresses. Dont need that. Already know that.

Great electronic circulars!

I used to run to the store or look for their weekly circulars in the mail. With this app, I have them right at my finger tips!

Not uploading info

??? Cannot see any ads all icons are frozen?!


App cant determine location and crash.

App must be down

It keeps telling me check internet connection and Im connected so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still keeps saying check internet connection so I hope this doesnt last long this is 1 of my favorite apps along with Flipp so I can plan my weekly grocery shopping trips!


This app was great until the latest update. I wasnt able to see my deals because of no internet connection although I have great signal. This app is just starting to go downhill and feeling disappointed. Now its up to "retailmenot" app. Better than this app

Not working anymore

Use to work but not anymore keep said check the Internet connection

Very Undependable

Sometime it works. Often it doesnt. Im sitting here ten feet from my router with a very strong signal and its telling me to check my internet connection.

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